Our Goal is to Get 100 Companies Certified by May 2019

This is our progress so far!

Barrier Free Community

About UA:

Universal Access is an accessibility firm and social enterprise that is based out of Calgary and has been for the past few years. UA is currently leading the way for creating a barrier-free Calgary and increasing awareness of the limitations in accessibility. UA is currently focusing on expanding restaurants and other service-based businesses to advance these efforts.

The Opportunity:

Students are presented the opportunity to help UA Build out a community that anyone, regardless of ability, can utilize. Users can identify where these places are, which we hope will help increase their engagement within their communities, decreasing the isolation for people with disabilities.

Student Opportunity:

Students have the opportunity to build a community that does not yet exist. Students will identify locations and build out a marketing platform to help identify these locations out to the community of elderly or disabled. This will help increase the overall marketing experience and develop skills that will further advance practical knowledge moving forward in their career.


    • A team of 10-30 students will be created.
    • Members complete contract that states they will conduct at least 4 assessments a month.
    • Get Students to conduct accessibility assessments of various bars around city.
    • Students go to restaurants outlined in Google sheets document – sign up for which ones they want to assess.
    • 100 barrier-free certifications – start building outreach plan to start marketing that community.
    • Identify & contact supporting businesses (ie Tourism Calgary, etc).

If This Sounds Like Something You Are Interested In, Please Email to sign up to join the movement!

Whats In It For You?!

Incentives for Members :

    • CPP Hours
    • Referral from Universal Access – Can be used as reference for job applications
    • End of project Gala (drinks, catering, snacks, etc.) Friday Evening
    • Award top 3 prizes – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest number of Barrier Free Assessments
        • 1st Prize
        • 2nd Prize
        • 3rd Prize
    • Prizes will vary as project progresses – Based on donations from NPO & Clients
    • Can be advertised as real life marketing experience
    • To be a part of a project that could make a lasting and critical impact on the City of Calgary and beyond!

What is the Barrier Free Community (Blue Seal)?

We are looking to answer the simple question; is your door open to everyone, regardless of ability? This entry point assessment is designed to spark inquiry, self-assessment of a space/place, and help educate the masses regarding social inclusion and economic participation/empowerment. If we can’t get in, we can’t participate and we can’t spend money.

The barrier-free community member (Blue) seal, considers the entrances to a place of work or business (i.e. office building, restaurant, coffee shop, retail). It does not assess the entire space for accessibility, rather simply looks to confirm 50 per cent of the entrances to a space or place fulfill a very basic measure of accessibility. There would be limited marketing support from UA behind the certification, at this point we envision simply providing a ‘barrier-free community member’ sticker for their front door, however it would still be listed in a directory on our website and shared through our social media platforms.